Cheesy.. I know! (or should I say snowy?!)

We've had a record amount of snow this year in Northern Ontario. I am desperately trying to keep water out of my basement as Spring approaches, so the other day I shoveled all the snow off my little deck. As I shoveled, I pondered 2 things: 1) how many calories was I burning, and 2) isn't this a metaphor for Life?

Let me explain. It's not a new concept or mantra to 'take one step at a time' but what does that mean in 'real' life? Shoveling all that snow off my deck, one scoop at a time, really brought it home for me. Now I know that big dreams or goals aren't done in an hour or so, but the pride of stepping back when the goal is reached is amazing, isn't it?

I have always loved the work KAIZEN. It means baby steps. It means breaking down your goals into teeny tiny steps and staying consistent. Small steps + consitency = GOALS REACHED!

I just started exercising again after.. let's just say a REALLY long time ;) Previously, I was working outside the home, and the last thing I wanted to do after being out all day was to go back out to the gym, so I did home workouts. But now, I work from home, and the opposite is true.. now I'm looking for excused to get OUT of the house, so I joined a local gym. I'm not here to debate in - home or at - the - gym workouts. Here's what I do to be consistent and stay motivated: I don't go with any expectations about the workout itself, I just promise myself to just get there. Just get in the car, and show up at the gym. That's my goal for now. I do the same with my at home yoga practice - just get to the mat. The rest will take care of itself. If I can't finish the exerice class or the yoga practice, that's OK. At least I SHOWED UP. That's 100% more than I was doing before!

The other thing I promised myself I will not do is barrage myself for looking how much weight I've gained, how I 'used' to be in better shape, ect. The past is gone, all I have is right now. In this moment I have the power to make decisions that will change my future. We are not at a stand still. Either we are deteriorating or we are growing. We need to take responsibility for that, and also live with the results - good or not so good.

All that from an hour of shoveling.. and who said that was time wasted?!

I'd love to know what you are doing to make some changed. Leave me a message or your can find me on Facebook, IG or Twitter as well.

Stay well, my zesty Friends!