Make your time work for you!

There is no such thing as 'time management'. There I said it. *GASP*

There is however, the management of your choices regarding how you spend your time.

You want your days to be meaningful, right? You want to go to bed at night knowing you moved yourself closer to your goals, or you performed in such a way that was in alignment with your values.

 With a little (well, sometimes a lot) of pre-work, you can start making decisions that will do just that.

First of all, do not keep your to-do list in your head: WRITE IT ALL DOWN!! ALL OF IT! EVERY. LAST. THING.

Here is a quick check - list of techniques or strategies you can start implementing TODAY to begin getting a handle on that overwhelming 'to-do' list:

-understand right now that there is no 'right way' or 'wrong way' to creating your schedule, there is only YOUR way

-identify just ONE thing you never seem to have time for (and how much time this 'thing' would take) - now just put it aside for now

-identify your core values and Life goals ( the 'big' picture ones)... If you need help with this, I can send you some worksheets

-look at your schedule as it is today ..  or review your calendar/planner for the last 2 weeks -- do you happen to see a spot there where you can plunk in your 1 activity? DO IT and PROTECT this time like your life depends on it!

Can't see any blocks of time sufficient enough? Ok.. the next steps:

are there any tasks/activities you can delete, delay or delegate?

how much time do you get back by doing so?

prioritize your tasks for the day (see here for one way to do this), write down no more than 4 - these must get done - and the rest can wait

- choose tasks that move you towards your goals and/or valuesstreamline what you're doing -

UNITASK (banish multitasking!)

- focus, set a timer, minimize distractionsresist the temptation of the 'automatic yes' -- saying yes to everyone who wants your time - take a breath and simply say 'let me check my schedule and get back to you' - it avoids over-booking yourself and having to back out or disappoint someone.

Remember: saying yes to something, means saying no to something else.

-use simple math: ONE IN, ONE OUT - if you choose to add something to your schedule, then consider removing/delaying/re-booking something else.

How to Set Up Your Schedule:

Try these steps -

first, put in the things you can't or don't want to change: work hours, time for bed/to rise (aim for 7.5-8 hrs/night); appointments;put your 1 activity (from the beginning of the post) in next - this is NON NEGOTIABLE time - give it a 'home' in your calendaryour top 3-4 VIP tasks for the dayeverything else

You need to think of time as tangible, as finite. We only have 24 hrs/day. How we spend it, well, that's the key to freedom, happiness and peace of mind.

There is a lot more to this than meets the eye, but I wanted to get you started with some ideas. I will be sharing a LOT more about mastering your time, building resiliency, making self care a priority (and why).

My 8 WEEKS TO RESILIENCY program will put this all together for you in one happy package.

Reach out to me with any questions or comments.

Live Well, Be Well!