More about my Resiliency Coaching


Discovery Session

A free 30-minute opportunity to briefly tell me about yourself and what challenge(s) you're facing, and what you hope to gain/achieve/expect from our sessions.

Whether you know what your goals are or not, this is an excellent place to start.This is also a chance to decide if moving forward together is a good idea and to discuss what program is best for you.

Frazzle to Dazzle - The Immersion Program

Who is this for?  Perfect for someone who wants to dig deeper into areas of their lives that need attention.

Through a deeper state of self-awareness, you can become empowered, crystal clear on your goals & desires and create a plan with realistic steps to get there.

Don't panic, I'm right here to guide you through the process! 

This 12 session program is meant to help you explore your deeper wants and desires. You can begin to peel back the layers of (sometimes years) of shame, guilt, fear, and resistance to actually start experiencing personal, professional or spiritual growth - all at your own pace. You are the expert of your life.

You can choose to complete this program in 3 or 6 months. You are in charge of the sessions - you direct the conversation and I provide accountability, support, encouragement, perspective and (at times) strategies all aimed to help you reach your desired goals and outcomes.We'll have one (1) intake session, then get down to the good stuff!We will have 12 -  60  minute weekly sessions (for the 3-month plan) or 12- 60-minute sessions twice monthly (for the 6-month plan) where you are given the time and freedom to uncover your true, authentic self, to explore your feelings/attitudes/values and to let yourself enjoy uninterrupted time in a safe and nonjudgmental space to work on the goals/outcomes you chooseThis is your time to really get to know yourself like never before and finally have the freedom, peace of mind and happiness you deserve.Sessions will be by phone, Skype or ZoomYou will have three (3) 15-minute 'Emergency Sessions' to work through something quickly that just can't wait until our next session and unlimited email support between sessions.

Price: Special Introductory Price $999

*All sessions to be completed within 6 months*

6 Week Foundations of Resiliency Program

The tables get turned here as I take off my Coaching hat, and put on my Instructor's cap!

What's this all about? 

In this program, you will learn how to build healthy coping skills to effectively deal with Life's ups and downs. You will no longer be overwhelmed and stressed out by your hectic schedule. You will learn how to take charge of your time and energy. You will learn how to set yourself up for success.. every. single. day.When something unexpected happens, you will handle it with confidence, ease, and grace. You will learn how having fun, me time, time management (and much more) will help you have the freedom, happiness and peace of mind you deserve!We will have weekly lessons, approximately 60-90 minutes in length via ZoomYou will have 1-2 action steps after each session plus loads of extra goodiesEmail support throughout the program

Price: $650

4-Week Jump Start Program