More benefits of receiving Reiki

-Stress reduction and relaxation~ by far the best and most common! Your body WANTS to be in balance. When you can relax deeply, the body's innate ability to heal itself is allowed to work, and the benefits are endless!

-Can contribute to inner peace and harmony

-Can balance mind and emotionsmay relieve emotional distress

-Can help relieve physical symptoms (headaches, for example)

-Can be used along side other medical and/or alternative treatmentsfantastic for Nurses, Health Care / Allied Professionals, high stress jobs

I want to emphasize that Reiki promotes or boosts your body's own healing abilities, I am not a healer; I help you heal yourself. There is no manipulating the body - this is not massage, accupressure or a modality like that. I do work intuitively, so I may use crystals, scents and/or music to enhance your experience.

Reiki will not cure or reverse medical conditions.

Sessions can be in person, for my local peeps and also virtually (known as distance healing) via phone or Skype for instance. Both approaches work beautifully.

My goal is to become registered with the Canadian Reiki Association, and in order to do that, one of the criteria is to have completed 24 case studies. An example of a case study would be a 60 min session. I need to be working with at least 3 different clients as well. So if you'd like to help me while I'm helping you, reach out to me at to book a session!

Start taking back control of your body, mind and health. Invest your time back into yourself, so you can take the best care you can of those around you.