NEW! Virtual Full Moon Gatherings!

It's not always possible, convenient or easy to get out of the house to attend a Full Moon ritual. So I want to bring the Full Moon rituals to you! No need to leave the house, get dressed, do your hair or make-up, get a sitter.. from the comfort of your home, we will have our very own gathering to celebrate Luna and embrace Her power!

Now being a shift working Nurse, I may not be able to have these gatherings on the strongest night of the full moons, but Luna's magic can still be harnessed a day or two before and afer the strongest night.

Mark your calendars! Our first gathering will be: MAY 18, 2019 @ 9 PM.

I will go live on my Living Well with Erin Spencer Facebook Page at 9 PM.

I'm thinking to have guest speakers, and we won't do anything TOO 'woo woo' or extravagant!

I will post a few suggestions a couple of days before, in case you do want to create an altar or have something ready for the night of the full moon. I'm still working on the details, but I will show you how to perform a basic Full Moon ritual, a little about the moon that month, maybe a guided meditation, and whatever else pops up!

Remember that Full Moons are a time of realease. Release old habits, mind sets, relationships, repeating patterns, or anthing else that no longer serves a purpose in your life. The idea is to make room for something new, which you can manifest at New Moon. There is about two weeks between a New Moon and a Full moon.

The Full Moon is the best time to cleanse and charge any crystals you have as well. And the best time to make Moon Water.

Depending on culture, religion or folklore, each Full moon has different names. I am NO moon expert by any means, but I will learn what I can and teach you what I learn!

The image below shows the different traditional Native American names for the moons each month:

For May, we have Flower Moon, sometimes called (according to, Mother's Moon, Milk Moon or Corn Planting Moon. Check out the website here. In the 'old days' each month dictated the seasonal activities that were happening. Cool, huh?

Here's some other links to Moon information, if you're wanting to read more about Luna.

To find moon phases in your time zone, click HERE.

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With Much Gratitude,

Erin xo