Our Shadow Side

We usually try to be a 'good' person, we make positive choices, think good thoughts and do good deeds. But we are not all good inside. We all have a light and a shadow side. I am here to encourage you to explore your shadow side, and see what wonderous healing happens. This is not for the faint of heart, I will say. True, deep, soul level healing is hard. Exhausting. Challenging.

But do the best things come easy? Not usually. Childbirth.. just sayin'

What do I mean by 'shadow side'? We have fears, negative thoughts and emotions. We get angy, jealous and tell little lies. Maybe we've hated someone or something along your Life's path. Turned away from someone in need. Manipulated a conversation to be the center of attention... The list goes on. Its different for all of us. I'm not saying that we live in denial of this side of us, but how many of us consciously choose to work with that side?

You see what I'm saying all over the place - Angel and Demons, War and Peace, people doing horrific acts of violence and other doing magnificent acts of kindness. Yin Yang. The Sun and the Moon, day and night. There is balance everywhere, it is what it is. There is an opposite to nearly everything. See what I'm saying? We are no different. As one of my favorite sayings go,

"as with in, so with out, as above, so below"

Time to embrace our duality as well. This is where the true healing lies. Not avoiding our triggers, but learning to love them and embrace the balance within. We choose which side to 'feed', like the Cherokee story of the 2 wolves inside all of us.

Where do you start? Keep an open mind. Take time to practice this. Sit quietly and think about your shadow side, what that mean to you. Depending on your style, you can ask your Guides, or consult your Tarot cards, or speak to a trusted friend for insight. Hearing or realizing the side of you is not easy, but go easy on yourself.

When you believe you are ready, make a list of your darkest fears. Write down times that your shadow side came out. Let the emotions come to the surface. This may lead to other memories or feelings. Stay grounded. Breathe. What comes up next for you? Do you see repeated patterns?

Do you recognize people or situations that trigger you? Do not stay in this place to torture yourself, you want insight, not a spiral downward into darkness. Now, can you see a plan to become stronger? or lighter? (pun intended!) Is there someone you feel you need to apologize to, or a situation you need to take responsibility for? The goal is not to erradicate the shadow side, we need it to balance us. The goal is to be at peace with it.

OUF, this is a heavy topic!

This type of work, like all inner work, is an ongoing process. You will not heal in one day, nor should you try. Be gentle with yourself. Learn to forgive yourself. We are human, afterall.

I'd appreciate if you'd let me know what you think of this topic, or let me know if there are other topics you'd like me to explore.

Stay well, my zesty friends!

With Gratitude,