What Is Our Personal Power?

You see all the time the phrase ‘take back your power’, but what does that really mean?

Personal power may mean different things to different people. To me, our personal power is the very essence of who we are. We are the master of our beliefs, values, dreams. We are in control of our time, energy and thoughts, of who we want to be. We aught to be in control of our reactions to external situations, influences, people. We choose who we want to be, and aight not let anybody else choose for us. We choose to respond, or react. These are 2 very different things. When you respond to something, to me that means you have made a conscious decision, you choose your words, actions. When you react, you’ve been hijacked by an emotion that sets off a series of thoughts then actions.

We all have values, beliefs, convictions, opinions. But have you stopped to think where yours came from? We are influenced of course by our parents and families growing up. We learn their values and beliefs, we follow their religion (or lack of), we learn their fears and dreams. When we are adults, I think we have a responsibility to question our belief systems. Do they truly resonate with the person you want to Be? Are you being, doing, having what you want or are you living someone else’s ideals?

Free will. You have the power to let someone else dictate your thoughts, feelings, self esteem, career choice, clothing style.. every aspect of your life. Or you can choose to listen to YOUR inner voice, your intuition, your place of personal power.

Is someone trying to upset you? Put you down or otherwise be hurtful? You can choose to not let them. Don’t give them that power, YOUR power. That’s what they want, they’re trying to make themselves feel better by putting you down. It‘s a weakness of theirs, not yours. Do you really want someone like that in your life?

Its a courageous thing to stop yourself from going down the path of poor self esteem, even self hate. Especially those who grow up hearing they’re no good, not lovable, not worthy. I need to be careful not to minimize the horrific abuse or upbringing some people suffer, by saying ‘just change it’. Those scenarios are beyond the scope of this blog post.

It also takes bravery, courage and self

respect and self Love to say ‘no, I won’t be affected by this’.

What I’m saying is that it takes a lot of inner work sometimes to get to the point in your life where the views, opinions and beliefs of others stay where they belong - with OTHERS. I encourage us all to keep an open mind, stay respectful and considerate of others, but to take the time to compare what they are saying, doing, believing to our own internal compass and then decide. Decide if you accept or reject their views. And you can disagree with someone, and still have a healthy relationship with them. I want you to ‘ do you ‘ !

To get to this point though, I believe we need to ‘reverse engineer’ our way back to coming to terms with your very own values and beliefs, goals and dreams, and staying true to our authentic self by taking back our personal


So after letting my thoughts flow into words in this post, maybe our personal power is really our free will.

I’d love to hear what you think!