Words of Encouragement: April 2019

This is the year I really put all my puzzle pieces together. To heal the world around me, I have to start by healing myself. I have been doing the ‘inner work’ mostly - digging up and peeling back the layers of years of ‘crap’ - questioning, exploring, learning, loving and forgiving myself. I am growing professionall as well with new classes and certifications. Then a few months back, I started to focus in my nutrition - switched to mainly plant based lifestyle. Now, I’m adding my physical body to the equation. I have truly been working from the inside out.

Here’s what I want to say to you today. If you are starting over for what seems lime the 100th time or if you’re embarking on your first weight loss/fitness journey, or any self improvement really, JUST START. Wonderful things happen whenwe break free of our old, stagnant, serves-us-no-more patterns. Take one habit at a time, CRUSH IT, replace it with a new, healthier habit, and then repeat. Its an ongoing process, this the 'song that never ends'.

You CAN do it. I can do this. We are all in this together. We all have something we can work on, be it mind, body, soul, spirit. Just don't get ovewhelmed and freeze. You've heard me say this before, KAIZEN.. the act of breaking big goals into itty bitty bite size pieces.

Need to work out a plan just for you? Reach out me, allow me the honour of being your trusted advisor. We always go farther when we work in teams.

Have an amazing day and stay well!