It’s Heart Work

I saw these words in a FB group I belong to: heart work (a play on hard work). If ever there was a sign sent by the Universe, this is it!

These words encompass everything I’m trying to accommodate here at Living Well. I work out of Love, from the heart. I love and care deeply for my clients, my calling. Inner work requires you to have heart, courage to look at the whole of you, your light and shadow sides. It’s hard work, it’s heart work. I always advocate self Love and responsibility. When I guide my clients through a quick coherence, we breathe through our heart space.. you see why these words stuck such a cord with me? They tug at my heart strings (ahhhh see what I did there!?)

I will sit with these words and create new projects around them. I feel like these 3 words are going to change the course of my Wellness, both personally and professionally. I will meditate with them and see what comes up. They feel like home to me, like I can finally put into words the beautiful magic that happens between my clients and me.

Have you ever seemingly stumbled across something, some words, a post, a passage or something someone said, that created a palpable shift deep inside you? I’d love to hear about it!

With much Love and gratitude,

Erin 💕