Energetic Space Clearing

Items/belongings/stuff in our space (homes, apartments, offices, ect) collect energetic 'junk' just like we do. Spaces often hold residual energy from previous owners, Spirit, even arguments or negative energy we ourselves release into the space around us. Taking the time to cleanse every nook and cranny will go a long way to lifting the feel and vibration of your space! I will go through your home with sage and/or incence, black salt and/or herbs. I will use Reiki and connect with the Angelic Realm to fortify the cleansing. I may move Spirit along, remove/reduce negativity and heaviness, leaving your space feeling lighter, happier and healthier! 

Prices start at $80 and will depend on the size of the house. It will take up to 1-4 hrs (depending on size of the space)

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